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Hello I'm Dorian Courtesi Collector and dealer in Original film posters.

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Hello I’m Dorian Courtesi Collector and dealer in Original film posters.

Dorian Courtesi

A little background

I have been an avid follower of film all my life and later collector of original film posters. My interest in the artwork of posters dates back when I worked at Athena posters in Piccadilly London in 1985, also whilst working at Canon Cinemas, Hendon Central London in 1989.

The first film poster I received serendipitously was an original US one sheet of ‘An American Werewolf in London’ which amused me as prior to that friends would comment that I looked like David Naughton and having worked in Piccadilly Circus, I would walk by the same cinema in the classic final scene of the film and would humorously imagine what John Landis was thinking when he shut the whole of Piccadilly Circus down to film that sequence.

Another film poster that started me off in collecting was ‘ 2001 a Space Odyssey’
I still have the poster framed today. The poster features the art work of Robert McCall, his vision of the wheel shaped space station Is probably one of the most iconic science fiction film posters of the 1960’s.

I progressed to become a full time collector and seller 5 years ago.
I believe that original film posters are great illustrative items and when framed, truly enhance the art work.

My website is focused on originality and condition.

I source my posters from auction sales, online dealers and film memorabilia fairs.

I have made connections with dealers who have worked in the film industry so as to provide a provenance for my purchases. One such association comes about when I was 16 years of age. At the time I wanted to visit the James Bond set at Pinewood studios, the day I visited I was also taken on the film set of ‘Spy’s Like Us’. Whilst on the set I got talking to the Rostrum camera man who was filming one of the models being used in the film, designed by SFX director Derek Meddings. That same cameraman is one of the sellers I purchase original movie ephemera from 35 years later. The film posters on my website are ones I believe are best preserved with great art work and interesting graphics. I believe my film posters would suit a buyer not only for their value but also for their ascetic appearance.

An original film poster that is framed, not only preserves the condition of the poster but also can provide great pleasure as they represent an iconic snapshot of film history.

I have tried to make the website simple and easy to navigate.

When searching for an original film poster. I tend to want information about a poster that denotes when it was first distributed, by which distributor, the name of the artist who designed the artwork, a brief synopsis of the film, featured actors and director and of course a good image that can be viewed closely. Finally I have provided a grading of each poster with a grading document that defines how I evaluate the condition of a poster.

I have also attached an enquiry and comments section on each item in case a buyer needs any further information about the poster, eg: a more detailed condition report.
Additionally I have provided a framing service for all the posters. ( Please see section on framing in Framing section )
All posters are posted in secure packaging either in a poster tube if originally rolled or in stiff parcels that cannot be bent or damaged.

If for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase I accept returns up to 14 days with additional costs of postage.
Please read section on returns policy.


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